(re)spect health
and wellness

Learn key considerations for commercial real estate owners and occupiers during re-entry to encourage safety of both people and workplace.

Corporations today are largely preparing both their facilities and their workforce to head back into their offices in several waves, starting with the truly essential workers. Take enhanced measures to ensure that your workspace is safe before you welcome employees and visitors back.

JLL's best practices include employee care and well-being toolkits and online hubs, support tools like experience and mobility ambassadors, visitor screening services and food service optimization.

Consider recreational facility closures

  • Should gyms, showers and lockers remain closed or highly limited?

Optimize air quality for health

  • Assess and upgrade air filtration where needed to ensure use of proper and improved filters
  • Configure HVAC systems to run on full fresh air rather than recirculation. Pre-purge the air conditioning systems to improve indoor air quality for occupants.
  • Install ultraviolet germicidal light (UVG) in air handling units

Focus on wellness

  • Assess and update WELL building standards and certifications and promote a “healthy building” approach

Determine visitor protocol

  • Consider health screening protocols, thermal or otherwise, and tracking them within the space for all visitors

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What should occupiers consider to support well-being during re-entry?

  • Share best practices for maintaining safe and clean workspaces and reinforce based on observed employee behaviors
  • Communicate frequently and clearly any changes in protocol
  • Consider change management expertise to help coach employees through transition

Rethink mobile ordering from cafes

  • Consider grab-and-go stations for pick-up and relationships with preferred vendors

Implement employee health screenings

  • Consider health checks for employees consistent with government or corporate guidance

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