Client story

Itau consolidates and modernizes offices in Bogota

In addition to consolidating the spaces, Itau Bank needed to improve the workplace experience. Read the story and watch the video told by the protagonists.


30.000 m2


4.000 users relocated


Modernization and consolidation in 3 of 4 locations

"We did a good job as a team and were our strategic allies during the whole process of project execution."

Viviana Steevens, Corporate Communication and Institutional Relations, Itau Bank

Itau Bank needed to organize its business units both geographically and administratively, consolidating its administrative areas into only 3 out of 4 buildings they occupied then. One of the goal was to free up a building looking for opportunities to reduce areas, administrative expenses and costs. At the same time, the bank wanted to improve the human experience within its offices by implementing open spaces and shared areas and inspiring new dynamics and greater collaboration, and thus putting Colombia at the forefront.

JLL collaborated with the client to optimize existing and available areas, consolidating the front office in one location and the operating areas in the other two.

There were certain challenges during the project execution:

  • Develop the occupation strategy and transfer plan to move 4000 users.
  • Ensure that the electrical infrastructure in each of the buildings was sufficient to withstand the new occupation, consumption, and needs of the work equipment.
  • Optimize the budget with a detailed value engineering to be able to include the new scope of work that the customer requested during the development.
  • Include in the strategy such critical activities as maintaining the operation of the Currency Desk while it was being moved to another location; or was being reconfigured; the commissioning of the bank's Data Center; moving and adapting the Contact Center during its operation; and the transfer of the Presidency. Additionally the bank vault was also demolished to use the space looking to expanding the cafeteria area.

We managed to significantly reduce the costs during the implementation of the bidding and contracting system, which also allowed us to extend the scope and provide greater execution to what was initially estimated.

We are also proud of the planning, logistics and execution achieved with the moving plan and provision of commissioning of all areas without any impact on the operation.

The whole experience during the work was memorable for our team, time in which we were able to build a relationship with the client based on mutual respect, trust, and support that we are deeply grateful for.